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Organization Made Easy

We believe that every home can be a haven and we’ll help guide you there.
Maeve’s Method makes organization easy for individuals and busy families.

Browse through our Get Started options and select how you’d like to proceed. Choose video coaching, on site coaching, or pre-register to order the Maeve’s Method Kit.

However you proceed, learn the Maeve’s Method 5 Core Concepts and use these skills to organize the project at hand, from rooms to closets and everything in between.

With Maeve’s Method skills under your belt and our expert help, confidently roll change out across your entire home. With skills and a plan, you can get organized.


Our Home at Last Stories

From kitchens to closets, we bring smiles to customer faces.
How can we help you?


Our Home at Last Philosophy

Your Home, Your Haven

We believe that every home can be a haven, a place designed to nurture and support. No matter where you live or what kind of space you have, you can have a place to call home.

Home First

The place to begin this journey is in your own home, not at a store. In order to make a positive change in your home, you must first understand the composition of your home.

Learn By Doing

To achieve results you’ll need to get hands-on with the things that you own. Learn how to be an active participant and you can accomplish your goals.

Use What You Have

Maeve’s Method is about process, not products. You don’t need to purchase bins and baskets to get started. It’s about making what you already have at home work for you.

Emotions Rule

We understand that this can be an emotional process. We’re here to help you acknowledge anything that bubbles up. If you’re not happy about your decisions, you won’t be happy in your home.

For You

Maeve’s Method is all about you. As a unique individual, we know you have unique needs and we want to find systems that make sense to you. Maeve’s Method puts you at the center of your space.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Maeve’s Method helped my family find our Home at Last. My husband and I learned together, then we taught it to our kids.

Maeve’s Method helped me to create an amazing home office. The systems we built make running my own business so easy.

Maeve’s Method helped my company get its IT department under control saving us both time and money.

Maeve’s Method is flexible. I can use it in my kitchen, my living room and to run my household. I’m amazed how one Method can be used all over my home.

Small Business? We’ve got you covered.

Maeve’s Method works great for small businesses too.
Try our Small Business Boost or customize a session for your entrepreneurial baby.

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