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4 Projects to Spring Forward

Daylight savings time begins this Sunday, which hopefully means that spring is on the way! But while daylight savings time means that we’ll have longer days and more light, it also means that we’ll start getting antsy for spring to really start.

While we wait for spring to show its full force, we like to get a head start on our indoor spring cleaning and prepare our homes to be ready when the warmer weather does hit! Here are some quick and impactful projects to get you through some of the cooler days and ready for the busy, warmer ones.

Light Therapy

If you’re going to do one thing to prepare for spring, let it be this: wash your windows. Take 20 minutes on a bright, sunny morning to wash your windows with glass cleaner. If you can, wash the outside as well as the inside. Many New York City buildings have windows that pull inward for easy cleaning of the outside glass. If yours don’t do this, grab a squeegee with a long handle to tackle the outsides. The extra light from clean windows creates a huge impact, and often it motivates me to keep going with other spring cleaning projects!

Remove the Top Layer

In the same way you bundle up with winter layers, your home accumulates layers of cozy things over the winter months. Start your spring cleaning by quickly clearing the layers of winter from your home. Take a trip around your home with a sturdy bag or basket and remove from tables, shelves, and the refrigerator anything not worth taking into the warm spring and summer months. Think holiday cards, old catalogs and magazines, extra kleenex boxes, out-dated calendars and newsletters, etc. Your home will feel lighter and more welcoming, and you’ll have room for all your spring and summer things.

Wipe Down

Winter months leave a layer of dust and dirt on all surfaces, no matter where you live. Grab your favorite  cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth and move through your home, dusting and cleaning any surfaces, including window sills, side tables, and shelves. Start this project on the higher surfaces and work your way down, dusting first, then wiping down. And, don’t forget the floors! Sweep, mop, or vacuum your floors and, if you can, shake out your rugs. If you don’t have access to an outdoor space, as so many New Yorkers don’t, shake out your rugs in the shower or bathtub! You’ll be surprised how fresh your home will feel after you remove this small layer of winter dust and dirt!

Create An Outbox

A client’s donation bag, by the garage door.

We each have items that need to make their way out of the home, and you’ll come across plenty as you begin to spring clean. Place a bin under your entryway table, hang a bag on a coat hook, or put a box in your front hall closet. Whatever you decide to use, put it in place now, even if you’re not ready to start your spring organizing. Just creating this outbox will prepare you to start thinking about what to pare down this season. And, when you’re ready to sort through your things, or you just happen upon something you no longer need, you’re already prepared with an outbox!

What are your first projects as spring begins? Share in the comments below!

Photo Credits: Harry Tang, Maeve Richmond

Marla joined the Maeve’s Method team in 2013 and trained as the first Maeve’s Method coach. She specializes in storage solutions, offices, and kitchens.

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