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4 Ways to Freshen Your Bathroom for Spring

Spring is slowly making its way into our lives and our homes, as well. Last week we posted a few projects to help you spring forward, and hopefully you were able to get started and are now ready to dive a little deeper! This week we’re gearing up to springify our bathrooms.

Here are a few tips to make your (probably) smallest, often-used room feel a little more prepared for spring. And, don’t forget to take a relaxing bath after all your hard work!

Add a Plant

It’s spring, so plants are a no-brainer, and bathrooms in particular are great place for plants. Not only will they look lovely, but they’ll clean the air and revitalize your bathroom. Look for a plant that likes low light and doesn’t mind humidity. Some great options are philodendron, pothos, peace lily, snake plants, and spider plants. But, tons of plants will work! Just ask your local nursery for some suggestions.

If you already have plants in your bathroom, add a new one; you can never have too many! Or, if you really do have too many, try adding a small vase on your bathroom counter for fresh flowers. And, don’t forget to clean your existing plants. It’ll make them happier, and your bathroom brighter.

Toss Five

Refresh your bathroom by paring down with this quick and effective project. Quickly go through your medicine cabinet, bathroom shelves, or make-up bag and toss just 5 old, unused, expired, or multiple items. It’ll take just a few minutes and will help you remove that layer of items from winter, no longer needed. And often, this little project will motivate you to keep going. Soon, you’ll find your bathroom fresh and current all the time!

New Linens

Experts recommend washing your bath towels every 3 or 4 uses, and I’m sure you already do (or maybe something close enough, right?). But what about your other bathroom linens? If you haven’t already, take time to wash all your linens – towels, bathroom mats, and even your shower curtain and loofah. If your shower curtain liner is caked with mildew, consider replacing it instead of washing!

Fresh Air

Now that you’ve pared down, added a little greenery, and washed your linens, seal the deal and clear the air. Open the windows, if you have any, and let the room air out. If you don’t, light a candle or use an air freshener. Choose a spring scent like lavender, citrus, or jasmine. And, if you’re looking for a natural option make your own air spray, like this one.

How did you spring cleaning go? Share in the comments below!

Photo Credits: Fat Cat, Town and Cooking, Maeve Richmond

Marla joined the Maeve’s Method team in 2013 and trained as the first Maeve’s Method coach. She specializes in storage solutions, offices, and kitchens.

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