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The Adverse Effects of Clutter

Clutter is like opinions, everyone has some! Having a bit of clutter in your home is commonplace and nothing to be ashamed of. But, there are some ill side effects clutter can have on your emotional well-being, health, relationships and career.

This clutter infographic from our friends at MakeSpace (they offer full-service storage in Chicago, NYC, LA, and DC) illustrates some ways you may be being effected by your surrounding without even realizing.

Photo Credits: Nik Shuliahin,

Katie McCann is a native New Yorker who currently resides in the Bronx and is a graduate of Towson University in Maryland. Katie’s relaxed and non-judgmental demeanor and attitude puts her clients at ease when she is organizing their spaces. She believes a home should be a place of calm and order and can help to create that.

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