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Quick Tips: Look Beyond The Mess

Every home has something to love. Look beyond perceived household mess and discover the treasure within: Comfort: Notice things that without fail make you smile, as simple as morning sun across the kitchen floor. Color: Locate colors that frequently appear…

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Must Have Art For Your Floor

I recently met a great rug designer, but wow, I had no idea how stunning her work was until I had it on my hardwood floor. Deborah Hernandez is bright and bubbly. When we met at an interior design event…

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Daytime Notebook

Today I'm at Half King in Chelsea just below the High Line. As you can see it's a gorgeous fall day. Sit down lunches are rare for me but my mind is on overload and I need my Daytime Notebook.…

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Moving Made Easy

Facing an upcoming move? Perfect, because moving is the best time to declutter. Pack with intention and you'll save money on moving costs (fewer boxes, fewer hours): Here's how to get down to brass tacks: Like Things Live Together: Before…

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Quick Tips: Mail Phobia

Avoid scary piles by reducing the volume of your incoming mail. Take control of your burgeoning, bulging inbox with these simple tools: Eliminate Junk Mail: Let your garbage can be your friend. Toss junk mail as it comes in -…

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Quick Tips: Wardrobe Rotation

Seasons change, and so should your wardrobe. As you rotate summer clothes to fall, follow these guidelines: Empty all bags and shirt, skirt and jacket pockets Wash your clothes to remove dirt, stains and odors Fold clothes neatly before you…

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Flinging Clothes

"You must be so organized." It's one of the first things people say when we first meet and I share that I'm a home organizer. I am organized, but that's because I structure my life in creative ways designed to meet my needs. Here's an example,…

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A New Homework Desk

This summer I had the pleasure of working with Sue and her lovely daughter Sisi. Sisi and Sue had been sharing a workspace at home but it was time for Sisi to have her own space. We got to work and two…

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Famous Telly

Oh wow! Last week I had a crazy experience. My cat Telly was featured in a book Cats 24/7: Extraordinary Photographs of Wonderful Cats. His photo was put up in Bryant Park along with dozens of others. They had an opening celebration…

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