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5 Tips to Organize Your Workout Routine

"I'm going to start my day tomorrow with a run, it'll be great!" confidentially says Tuesday night you. Turns out, Wednesday morning you can be a real jerk sometimes. You accidentally overslept and thus had to rush and cram in what…

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Hosting a Stoop Sale

June is a time for celebrating. For teachers and students it marks the end of of the school year, and for Chicagoans (and many others) it’s the start of warmer weather. My husband and I like to take advantage of…

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Dawn Nadeau: A Transformation Story

Touch everything once. It's one of my favorite Maeve's Method mantras. Dawn Nadeau, entrepreneur and power mom, took on this challenge in 2015 like no one I've seen before. Dawn gifted herself six hours of coaching last winter, with the intention of upgrading her…

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Designer Insights with Maeve Richmond

A few months back I was contacted by Terry's Fabrics, a great retail and on-line marketplace for textile fabrics, located in England. Their Designer Insights section features interviews with designers, furniture makers and architects - and now a handful of home organizers too!…

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