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Designer Insights with Maeve Richmond

A few months back I was contacted by Terry's Fabrics, a great retail and on-line marketplace for textile fabrics, located in England. Their Designer Insights section features interviews with designers, furniture makers and architects - and now a handful of home organizers too!…

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Oh Canada!

You know it... that feeling that comes the second a vacation begins. Sometimes kicking in as soon as your first step out the door, suitcase in hand. I find this feeling humbling. Work and life obligations distance in a second…

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Best Soup Stand in Manhattan

  51st & 7th, NYC   Yesterday was freezing. Bitter cold. I left an early morning meeting in midtown and stumbled into Sahki and his Soup on Wheels Stand at 51st & 7th. Tomato Bisque, Chicken Gumbo, Split Pea, Pasta…

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I Refuse to Participate in a Recession

There's a groundswell in the NYC business community. Entrepreneurs, like myself, are using the economic downturn to our advantage by leveraging Social Networking. There are events going on all over the city (BNI, The Real Deal, Ladies Who Launch) that…

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Happy New Year 2009!

Even the organizer needs inspiration... I dumped 1,000 emails 3 bags of paper 1 bag of misc. stuff And tacked up this note. Happy New Year! Maeve's apt. Self Portrait: Scrap Paper on Motivation Mirror 12.29.08

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Easiest Kids Party Ever

Yesterday I did what every single, 35-year old New York City girl should do on a Sunday afternoon: I rocked out to a concert for tots. The 1-7 year olds dancing in the aisles at the Daryl Roth Theater where…

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