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Gift Ideas That Don’t Promote Clutter

It’s time for the annual git exchange with friends and family. If the idea of bringing more things into your home (that you probably don’t need) causes you some stress, you are not alone. You know how it feels, so don’t be that person gifting someone a ten piece tea set.

Experiences make for wonderful gifts, and there are so many to choose from. If you absolutely love shopping for stuff and this post is starting to bum you out, then fine. Just consider getting something someone actually needs, or something that will eventually get used and tossed, such as a candle.

Experiences To Cherish

Think of a class the person you are shopping for might enjoy. This can be a one time workshop or an ongoing course. Cooking, pottery, and dance are just a few fun and social ideas. If a class is not up their alley, a restaurant gift card is always a safe bet. Do your research and select one in their neighborhood. Typically, these do not expire. You can pick a place where they can dine in or leave with something instead. For example, a brew pub gives the recipient the option of hanging out there or going home with a few growlers (or both).

Other ideas include theater tickets, spa gift cards, a one time cleaning service, or a Maeve’s Method coaching session! You can also offer to join your loved one for whatever outing you choose, but I would also give them the option to go alone or with someone else.

Stuff They'll Use

So, you’ve chosen to get someone stuff instead of an experience. I’m not mad, I swear. You may consider asking them (or someone close to them) if there is anything in particular they want or need. For example, you can have your dad check on your mom’s toiletry supply and surprise her with that fancy eye cream you know she loves and will actually use.

Look for things things that don’t require a ton of storage that are also items they will use up over time. In addition to candles you may consider handmade soaps, edible gourmet items, or linen/room sprays. These also happen to be items they can easily re-gift or use at work.

One of my favorite things to give is a subscription to a razor blade club that delivers blades to you each month. There are other delivery services to choose from as well, so perhaps your bearded friend may prefer a toilet paper delivery service instead. That may be the most useful idea yet!

Do you have other ideas for gifting items that don’t contribute to clutter? Please share in the comments below.

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A Chicago native and current Chicago resident, Megan holds a B.A. in psychology from DePaul University and has spent her professional career as a ballet dancer and ballet instructor. With a passion for teaching and organizing, she is thrilled to have found another fulfilling path as a Maeve’s Method coach. In addition to ballet and organizing, Megan enjoys studying improv at the iO Theater, art, travel, writing, and time spent with friends and family (especially her husband Nate and dog Rizby).

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