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Sisi's new desk has exactly what she needs.

Sisi's old desk wasn't working for her.

Before: the computer desk hadn't been used in a long time.

Sisi In Process with her desk items.

I finally have a private place for my stuff. I no longer have to share a desk with mom. I love it! 

– Sisi, Grade School Student

A New Homework Desk

 Grade School Student
1-Bedroom Apartment
Coaching for Kids
New York, NY

Before Maeve's Method

Sisi and her mom had been sharing a workspace at home and contacted Maeve’s Method to help find a new desk area for Sisi. She wanted her own place to do homework with privacy. Her current desk was busy and didn’t motivate her to do homework.

After Maeve's Method

Maeve helped Sisi to set up her new desk in a computer cabinet that hadn’t been used in years. Maeve suggested this space because it would provide Sisi with the privacy she had been seeking. Together they sorted through Sisi’s old desk and decided what to give a home in her new desk. Sisi loved that her new desk could be tucked away, and her mom was thrilled that they were able to find a solution in what they already owned.

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