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Before: Jasmine and Maeve make closet decisions.

Maeve and Jasmine In Process on the floor.

Jasmine's new closet! She has a few next steps and then she'll be Home At Last.

I’m so happy with my new closet set-up. I have all my power clothes in one place – my “make money” clothes and my “spend money” clothes. It’s much easier to dress in the morning and get out the door for work.

– Jasmine Sandler, CEO

Jasmine Sandler
A Power Closet

1-Bedroom Apartment
On Site Coaching
Queens, NY

Before Maeve's Method

Jasmine was unhappy with her current closet setup – she wasn’t feeling inspired by her closet but knew there were inspiring clothes inside. She wanted to create a wardrobe that supported her in her creative business and reflected the image she had worked hard to build.

After Maeve's Method

Jasmine and Maeve worked through each item in Jasmine’s closet. They sorted items into like piles and found that the closet held a lot of causal, weekend, and sports clothing. Jasmine decided she really wanted this to be a dedicated power closet with a focus on professional clothing only, and together they reorganized it with this new theme.

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