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I walk in here now feeling lighter. Working with Maeve has given me clarity and helped me to figure out what I want to do with my art space. If I had done this alone it would have taken me months. I was so happy to have Maeve on board. She was absolutely the right person to call.

– Rodney Durso, Artist,

Rodney’s Art Studio
Spring Cleaning Transformation

 Artist and Entrepreneur
 Art Studio
On Site Coaching
 New York, NY

Before Maeve's Method

After over a decade in his art studio, Rodney decided it was time to review what he owned to see what he could declutter. He also needed new systems for his daily routines, as well as fresh ideas on how to use his space. Rodney brought in Maeve for an review of his art studio, as well as for outside the box space planning ideas.

After Maeve's Method

After a discussion of goals, Maeve took Rodney through every supply in his studio, piece by piece. Together, they created categories that showcased his active art materials, such as collage supplies, paint supplies, and project ideas. Maeve also helped Rodney to streamline his office space, creating a dedicated shipping zone for the packaging of sold art, as well as private nook for his studio assistant. As he worked, Rodney shed bags of obsolete art and office supplies, and the dense weight of the studio began to clear. Rodney emerged creatively inspired and ready for his next art show.

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