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Home At Last.

Before: the repair room was lacking tool storage and a system for projects.

After: repair room with easy-to-access storage and project areas.

Before: cables stacked on the IT Supply Room floor.

Cable storage where employees could easily find what they needed!

People grab what they need, and bring it back when they’re done.  No more lost cables or ordering supplies we already have – it’s an efficient system that’s saving us a lot of money.

– Laurence Koret, Head of IT Pivotal

Cables Under Control

Software Development Company
IT Office, Supply Rooms
Business Project Package
New York, NY

Before Maeve's Method

Pivotal Labs recently moved into a large updated space and once settled, realized they were overwhelmed with wires, cords, and electronic parts. They contacted Maeve’s Method to help create a system in the IT Supply room, which would be used by all employees to borrow and return supplies.

After Maeve's Method

Maeve’s Method helped Pivotal Labs to drastically reduce their electronics supply. Miscellaneous items were organized into drawers, with like items together. Things were easier to find, and easier to replace in their homes, making maintenance a breeze, and creating time for more pressing projects.

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