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Before: Sarah's bookshelves, busy and cluttered.

Sarah explores where to place her new desk.

After: Sarah's new green desk and tidy shelves

Before: The adjacent corner of the room.

After: the pink chair cleared and ready for reading.

Maeve and her Method are awesome. I learned amazing skills and gained confidence at home.

– Sarah Belanich

Sarah’s First Home: Part I
Calm Out of Chaos

1-Bedroom Apartment
Home Makeover Package
New York, NY

Before Maeve's Method

As a librarian and craft-lover, Sarah often brought projects home and had supplies delivered to her apartment. She contacted Maeve’s Method to help her manage the flow of items and create systems to use her space effectively.

After Maeve's Method

Maeve’s Method helped Sarah to clear clutter from her bookshelves, reading couch, and the surrounding area. She was so inspired by the new space that she purchased a brand new desk, and sent Maeve’s Method pictures of her process! In the end, Sarah created a calm and creative room to relax, read, and work on her crafts.

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