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Dawn, In Process, surrounded by sorted games.

After: the game closet, cleared, and easy for the girls to use!

The utility closet, before and after.

Before: A hall closet filled to the brim, and tough for the family to use.

Before: Shoes piled in the hall closet.

After: The closet now has room to breathe and systems to keep it tidy.

In previous cleaning frenzies I would purge the top layer of stuff pretty easily, and then kind of rearrange, and it would always backlog again. Maeve’s Method had me take everything out and allowed me to reimagine the space in a way that better suited my life as it is today. Committing to a clean slate is a very powerful feeling – in life and in Closets 101.

– Dawn Nadeau

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Entrepreneur and Mom
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New York, NY

Before Maeve's Method

With the home office under control, Dawn now turned to the family’s shared closets. The game closet was difficult for her daughters to use. The utility closet, a walk-in closet packed to the door, contributed more to procrastination than to cleaning. And the hall closet was a jumble of misplaced items. Dawn worked with Maeve to bring some order to these spaces, and make them family friendly!

After Maeve's Method

Dawn and Maeve sorted through each closet and Maeve helped Dawn to recognize top priorities in each space and work to support these. The game closet was set up for the kids, with their things front and center. The utility closet was cleared so you could easily walk through and access all items. And the layers of unused and misplaced items in the hall closet were peeled back, to reveal an easy-to-use and spacious closet.

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