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Before: Dawn's bags on the floor, and the office closet piled high

Before: Dawn's desktop is hidden under papers, printers, and bags

In Process: Dawn finds some artwork gems mid-sorting

Dawn turned an un-fun spot, a file cabinet, into something inspiring.

After: The office storage closet is once again a walk-in!

After: Dawn's streamlined, clear Command Center

Dawn in action, using her "go" drawer!

One of the single greatest changes in my life came from cleaning out the closet right inside my entry way and creating a “drop zone”. The 4 bags and totes that I toggle between on any given week are right there, lined up, and I have this amazing drawer that is my “go” drawer. I pick and pack and drop almost daily. This was life changing, and freed up my home office from being a war zone of hand bags and travel-size toiletries.

– Dawn Nadeau

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Dawn Nadeau: Part I
A Clean Command Central

Entrepreneur and Mom
3-Bedroom Apartment
Project Package
New York, NY

Before Maeve's Method

Dawn’s office is “command central” of the home; it’s where Dawn runs her many entrepreneurial and volunteer activities. It’s also home to the family computer, and where her husband drops bills and her kids dump coats, bags, and schoolwork. All this activity meant Dawn was overwhelmed with the influx of things, and craved systems to help her keep up and still be able to use the space effectively.

After Maeve's Method

Dawn and Maeve worked together first to reduce the volume in the office, including the catch-all office closet. Maeve helped Dawn to realize that she didn’t have to feel guilty when letting go of things. Next, Dawn worked to create systems to work with her personal and professional office needs, as well as support the flow of the family. As a final step, Maeve and Dawn created a “drop zone” in the office so Dawn could easily grab and go whatever she needed for her busy day.

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