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In Process: the contents of the supply closet on the floor.

Sarah's supply closet, with new shelving.

Before: The bedroom was used as a quick storage area.

After: The bed has a clear path around it.

Before: Sarah's dresser topped with clothing.

After: Sarah cleared the dresser and was inspired to get the mirror up.

After: Sarah's dresser now showcases jewelry.

My bedroom finally feels grown-up. And my entire home feels like an adult space. I’m so happy with my Maeve’s Method transformation!

– Sarah Belanich

Sarah’s First Home: Part III
Creating a Calm Bedroom

   1-Bedroom Apartment
   Home at Last Package
   New York, NY

Before Maeve's Method

The last stop on Sarah’s Home Makeover was her bedroom and the adjoining bathroom. Sarah’s bedroom was filled with piles on the floor and dresser, making it difficult to move through the room. Her bathroom closet held all the extra cleaning supplies, but couldn’t be opened without things tumbling out.

After Maeve's Method

Maeve’s Method worked with Sarah to sort through her supply closet and bedroom. Sarah was able to clear her floor and the dresser. She even put up a mirror that had been sitting in a box since she moved in. She refilled the supply closet with only the things that she needed, and now that she could see everything, she didn’t have the problem of purchasing extras of things.

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