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Happy After A Successful Session

Brainstorming With Coach Abby

The Charming Couple

A Couple that Cleans Together Stays Together

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A Good Project to Begin With

Exploring Kitchen Possibilities

After Coaching: Home at Last Results

Our Maeve’s Method session gave us the jump start we needed to start work on making our home the space we need it to be. Organizing our kitchen freed up space and allowed us to see growth potential for the entire home, and just in time for baby.

– Emily & Menachem

Emily & Menachem
Creating a Home for Family

First Time Parents
1-Bedroom Apartment
On Site Coaching
New York, NY

Before Maeve's Method

Seven months pregnant and in their first years of marriage, Emily and Menachem are learning how to set up a home that reflects the values and way of life they are building as a family. They were excited about transforming their home to make space for baby and had tons of ideas about how to do so, but felt intimidated about where to begin. Emily and Menachem decided to work with Coach Abby on a set of kitchen cabinets as a starting project, hoping that tiny tweaks would make a big impact.

After Maeve's Method

Coach Abby helped Emily and Menachem to identify categories for their most frequently used kitchen tools. They then worked as a team to create systems for keeping everyday kitchen items accessible without compromising their need to keep decorative items in view to enhance their cooking experience. Inspired by their success on this small area, Emily and Menachem next mapped out a plan to get the ball rolling on a larger home overhaul. By their check in call a week after the session, Emily and Menachem had used their Maeve’s Method ‘toolkit’ to reorganize their furniture, pare down clothing to make room for baby, and to continue to optimize their newly organized kitchen for their family of three.

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