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Before: Deb's shelves aren't working.

Maeve guides Deb towards an ideal in/out location.

Home at Last: a streamlined home office.

Maeve solved both of the issues I was having trouble with.  We created an in/out area near the door so I can quickly drop things off when I have a baby to feed.

– Deb Weisshaar

Deb Weisshaar: Part III
Finishing Touches

Clinical Psychologist, Mother of 2
Single Family Home
Video Coaching
Dunwoody, GA

Before Maeve's Method

Following a Maeve’s Method Home Session, Deb scheduled a Video Session/Check-In with Maeve. Deb was feeling great in the new office setup they had recently put in place, but mentioned that she didn’t have a good, easy to reach in/out space.

After Maeve's Method

Maeve suggested creating a space for Deb’s in/out box on a shelving unit near the door. This would be an easy place to access and would help to even the visual clutter of the bookshelf. During the session, Deb created the in/out box and instantly loved the feeling and fluidity of the space.

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