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Home at Last.

Kathryn's inspiration board.

Kathryn's newly arranged shelves.

I feel great in my home office. It’s functional and it’s me. I’m ready and eager to get to work in the morning.

– Kathryn Mayer, KC Mayer Consulting

Kathryn Mayer: Part I
A New Home Office

Executive Coach
1-Bedroom Apartment
Project Package
New York, NY

Before Maeve's Method

Kathryn and her husband were moving into a new apartment, where Kathryn would have her own custom-built home office. Kathryn called in Maeve’s Method to help her to prepare for the move into the new space. She wanted to create a clutter-free, productive, and inspiring new environment.

After Maeve's Method

Maeve helped Kathryn sort through her items to decide what to bring into the new space and how to use the things she would bring. Maeve encouraged Kathryn to embrace the things that made her happy – from displaying personal items on her shelves to creating an inspiration board.

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