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The Wilburton Inn’s library had grown busy over the years. Maeve helped me to curate the library back to basics, restoring it to the cozy sanctuary we need it to be.

– Melissa Levis, Innkeeper, The Wilburton Inn

Melissa Levis &
The Wilburton Inn: Part II

Library Makeover

 Country Inn
On Site Coaching
 Manchester VT

Before Maeve's Method

The Wilburton Inn Library is the heart of operations at this 114 year old country Inn. Over the years it had become cluttered with memorabilia, guest wedding albums and a rich array of books, from sheet music to copies of The Heidi Chronicles by family Aunt Wendy Wasserstein. Melissa turned to Maeve for a plan on how to bring down the busyness without compromising the unique charm of the space.

After Maeve's Method

Maeve helped Melissa to look at the library through the eyes of guests. Together they removed dozens of items that had become ‘out of sight out of mind’. They then curated the library to include only items engaging to guests. Maeve created a staging area in the adjacent living room and they did a rapid-fire sorting of books, creating fresh categories such as books featuring the Inn, books written by guests, and family photo albums. They finished with a deep dusting, then reassembled the library, now pared down to its core.

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