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The Butler Family

Jacquie and Maeve, In Process.

After: Shelves for the twins.

Home at Last: The Butler family using their new shelves.

We love our new set up. It’s easier for the kids to put things back in their home, and easier for us to relax after they’re asleep!

– Jacquie Daigle Butler

The Butler Family
Making Space for Twins

Creative Director & English Professor
3-Bedroom Family Home
On Site Coaching
Decatur, GA

Before Maeve's Method

Jacquie and Daniel Butler had recently had twins – Isaac and Tallulah. They loved their new family additions, but hadn’t been able to get a handle on how to live with two new family members. The twins controlled the house, with little space for Jacquie and Daniel to relax in the rare moments there was time.

After Maeve's Method

Maeve helped Jacquie and Daniel transform the living room from an all-day kid’s play room to a dual purpose room. Jacquie and Daniel set up the kids’ toys in a way that made sense to the kids, encouraging them to pick up after themselves. This made it easier for Jacquie and Daniel to relax in the living room after the twins went to bed.

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