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Maeve helps Gwynne and Devyn sort books into categories.

After cleaning the empty bookcase, Devyn places books on her shelf.

Devyn identifies a book to donate.

Mom briefly joins to identify some of her books!

Maeve sits down with Gwynne and Devyn to recap the skills they learned.

The new bookshelf, organized for each sister.

Home At Last: Devyn, Maeve, and Gwynne.

My daughters’ bookshelf was a mess. Maeve taught them how to make it a home for their books. They each got their own shelves, and also learned how to communicate with each other about shared books. The whole family gained valuable organization skills.

– Vanessa Palmer, Mom

Gwynne and Devyn
Sisters Team Up

5th and 8th Grade Students
Family Apartment
Coaching for Kids
New York, NY

Before Maeve's Method

Gwynne and Devyn shared a bookcase in a common family area that held a mix of books belonging to each sister and their parents. Neither sister felt responsible for any part of the bookshelf and so items tended to become stuffed in nooks and crannies.

After Maeve's Method

Together, Maeve, Gwynne, and Devyn sorted through the books and created categories according to each sister. As they worked, they each became more confident in their decisions. There were many books that neither of them thought of as theirs; Maeve helped them to realize that they had the power to decide what to keep as theirs, and that it was OK to let books go. They learned how to communicate with each other on what they didn’t want to keep, and in the end, designated separate shelves for their books and an area for shared books.

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