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Home at Last.

Before: The overfilled bookshelf.

In Process: Natalie making tough decisions.

In Process: Natalie and Hannah putting things back.

My sister and I were avoiding our bookcase since we didn’t know what was in it. I’m glad we were encouraged to sort through it. Now we each have a shelf, and the whole room feels so much better.

– Hannah, 8th Grader

Natalie & Hannah
Sisters Working Together

 8th and 10th Grade Students
Family Home
Coaching for Kids
Atlanta, GA

Before Maeve's Method

Hannah and Natalie were proud of their clean and simple shared den, except for one bookcase they hadn’t been able to tackle. They both felt overwhelmed with the idea of sorting through everything, not knowing what they’d encounter. Maeve came in to work with the sisters together, and get a handle on their bookcase.

After Maeve's Method

Natalie and Hannah sorted through the bookshelf, item-by-item, separating their things and creating categories. They divided the bookcase into separate areas – a shelf for Hannah, one for Natalie, and another for their parents. They ended with a clean and up-to-date shelf that fit everyone’s needs.

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