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Home At Last.

Before: The main communal table.

The team gives their approval!

In Process: Joanne finds out what lives in the office.

I never realized how much it would help to designate space and give things a home. The office already feels cleaner, and it’s saved us so much time knowing where everything is.

– Joanne Gates-Fiore, Owner West Side Movers

West Side Movers
Small Business Boost

Westside Movers
Upper West Side Storefront
On Site Coaching
New York, NY

Before Maeve's Method

Joanne Gates-Fiore owns a successful, family-owned moving company, West Side Movers. The company is people-focused, and managed with love and care. Joanne had focused so much on the business and creating happy movers, that she had quickly become overwhelmed in her own office space.

After Maeve's Method

Maeve’s Method helped Joanne and West Side Movers to create a space that supported and matched their successful business. Maeve and Joanne cleared a main communal table and sorted items into homes where they could easily be found. Joanne and her team found the new set up to be more efficient and allowed for more time to focus on their customers.

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