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Maeve helped us transform our family Inn in a whirlwind 4 day session. Without buying a single item we brought style and tranquility to 35 bedrooms and common rooms in five different homes. Together we rolled up our sleeves and had a wonderful time creating beauty and taming clutter.

– Melissa Levis, Innkeeper, The Wilburton Inn

Melissa Levis &
The Wilburton Inn: Part I

Spring Cleaning Makeover

 Country Inn
On Site Coaching
 Manchester VT

Before Maeve's Method

After 30 years The Wilburton Inn was in need of a spring cleaning makeover. Melissa brought in Maeve hoping for a low-cost overhaul to freshen up 35 bedrooms and over a dozen public rooms across five homes. The intention was to use what was on site as much as possible, with lots of decluttering and innovative space-planning thrown in for good measure.

After Maeve's Method

Maeve brought Melissa back to basics with simple principles like ‘put like with like’ and ‘give everything a home’. She also helped her declutter items from the property without losing that personal touch that makes the Levis family brand. Without buying a single item, Maeve and Melissa rearranged paintings, bedside tables, lamps, chairs, throw pillows, and knick-knacks and brought style and tranquility to 35 bedrooms and common rooms in five different homes.

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