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Alice's empty, clean, and cat-friendly shelves!

Alice's studio kitchen.

Before: the inside of the cabinets.

Alice removed the items that didn't belong.

Now that I’ve removed all the extra stuff, I finally feel like I have a true kitchen. I never realized how much it would help to dedicate the kitchen space to kitchen things.

– Alice Barden

Alice Barden
Studio Kitchen Storage

Actor & Entrepreneur
Garden Studio Apartment
On Site Coaching
Greenwich Village, NY

Before Maeve's Method

Alice contacted Maeve’s Method to help her create a functional and clean kitchen. She was unhappy with the storage systems in her studio kitchen, and couldn’t get a handle on what to do.

After Maeve's Method

Maeve’s Method helped Alice realize she was using her cabinets to store hardware and household items, not just kitchen things. In a studio with limited storage space, Alice tended to toss items into her kitchen cabinets, not realizing that this was causing her stress. With Maeve’s Method, Alice was able to focus in on creating a true kitchen space.

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