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From kitchens to closets, we bring smiles to customer faces.
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Art Studio Makeover

Rodney declutters his art studio and finds creative inspiration.
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Library Makeover

Melissa curates her family Inn's library restoring it to basics.
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Spring Cleaning Makeover

Melissa brings freshness and light to a century-old Vermont country Inn.
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Creating a Home for Family

Emily and Menachem optimize their kitchen for a new family of three.
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Finding a hidden treasure.

The Joy of Jewelry

Dawn organizes her jewelry and finds a hidden treasure.
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Closet Cleanout

Dawn pares down and streamlines the family closets.
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Command Central

Dawn turns the home office into a command central.
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Sisters Team Up

Sisters learn skills to keep their books in order.
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Storage Solutions

Rodney and his siblings create storage solutions.
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Planning a New Home

The Butler Family gets settled in a new home.
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Creating a Calm Bedroom

Sarah clears space in her bedroom to create a cozy haven.
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A Kitchen Cleanse

Sarah clears her kitchen counters and gives everything a home.
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A New Home Office

Kathryn settles into a new home office after a move.
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Back to Work after Babies

Deb gets down to business making space at home for work.
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Finishing Touches

A video session gets Deb ready for her first day of work.
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Cables Under Control

Laurence gets his department on track for success.
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Small Business Boost

Joanne takes the family moving business to the next level.
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Rediscovering Inspiration

Ali rediscovers the books that support his career.
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Sisters Working Together

Natalie and Hannah tackle a shared family bookcase.
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A Power Closet

Jasmine finds motivation in her clothing closet.
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A Studio Home Office

Bob finds motivation to upgrade his home office.
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Home Office Makeover

Nicole gets grounded in her busy home office.
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Studio Kitchen Storage

Alice expands the footprint of her studio apartment kitchen.
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Calm Out of Chaos

Sarah gets her first apartment under control.
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Making Space for Twins

Jacquie and Daniel team up to make space for twins.
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A New Homework Desk

Sisi gains a homework desk and valuable skills for school.
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Bringing Down the Books

Kathryn reduces her home office book collection.
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Kitchen Calm

Deb takes time to create calm in her chaotic kitchen.
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