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How To Host A Clothing Swap

April is a a time for saying goodbye to winter and hello to spring. It is also a great time to say goodbye to belongings you no longer use, and perhaps welcome a few new ones into your life. A fun way to do so is by hosting a clothing swap.  I personally do not enjoy clothes shopping more than once or twice a year. I am also very social, so this is a great solution for me.

My friend Rebekah and I take turns regularly hosting swaps at our homes. Together we invite all of our female friends. We welcome clothing, accessories, shoes, books, and unused cosmetics. The swaps usually take place from 6:00-8:00 PM on a weeknight. Beer, wine, and light snacks are provided. Afterwards, all the leftover items are packed up and donated.

Preparation Made Easy

Hosting swaps is not only a fabulous way to catch up with your friends and score some new duds, but it also provides motivation for organizing, cleaning, and updating your home. The first swap I hosted was seven months after my husband and I moved into our condo. Agreeing to do so finally forced me to reupholster our dining room chairs and paint the dining room walls. I imagine I would have kept those projects on the back burner for much longer had I not been expecting swap guests soon.

In addition to preparing your home for a swap, you must also have items to contribute. I continuously edit my wardrobe and accessories and toss whatever I am not using in a swap bin on top of our dryer. This way it isn’t taking up space in our closet. Any unwanted gifts also go in this bin. Once you make a habit of placing items you don’t want in the bin, you are always ready to host or attend a swap without having to complete the daunting task of sorting through all your stuff from scratch.

Trust Me, It's Worth It

Over the years I have enjoyed seeing my friends in pieces of clothing I once loved but stopped wearing for whatever reason. Often times people bring items they grabbed from a previous swap so someone else can take a turn. I’ve snagged some pretty awesome items myself. For example, at the last swap I acquired a new pair of silver Topshop ankle boots, a cobalt blue Diane Von Furstenberg coat, and some grey J Brand skinny jeans.

We always have a blast sipping drinks, trying things on, telling stories about where the items came from or where we’ve worn them, laughing over bizarre pairings or ill-fitting items, sharing styling tips, meeting new people, and just catching up with those you love but don’t see enough of. I highly recommend.

And, best of all, when all is said and done I’ve freed up valuable real estate in my clothing closet, just in time for my annual spring wardrobe swap.

Have you hosted a clothing swap? Sound off in the comments below.

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A Chicago native and current Chicago resident, Megan holds a B.A. in psychology from DePaul University and has spent her professional career as a ballet dancer and ballet instructor. With a passion for teaching and organizing, she is thrilled to have found another fulfilling path as a Maeve’s Method coach. In addition to ballet and organizing, Megan enjoys studying improv at the iO Theater, art, travel, writing, and time spent with friends and family (especially her husband Nate and dog Rizby).

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