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Loving Your Home

This month is a good time to reflect on the love you have for where and how you live. Clearing clutter and only living with belongings that are meaningful and useful can tremendously alter the relationship you have with your home. As a Maeve’s Method home and office organization coach, I help clients along their journey to identify these items. Afterwards clients excitedly determine how to stylishly store and showcase these items.

Your Style

While evaluating your personal style consider these questions. What colors, patterns, and shapes are you drawn to? Personally, I am drawn to solid colors and clean lines. Consider some of your favorite magazines, blogs, or Instagram accounts. Certain images jump out at you. What do they have in common?

As you start to zero in on what is aesthetically pleasing to you, keep in mind that you don’t need to run out and buy any bins, baskets, or other storage vessels. The aforementioned journey to identifying the items you want to live with (and which you don’t) will free up space and reveal new possibilities for what goes where. You can accomplish a great deal in your home without adding an overwhelming amount of tasks to your to-do list.

Baby Steps

Naturally, you may wish to begin with an area of your home that is on display. Or rather, not the parts of your home designated to hidden clutter. That great! Use that starting point to get motivated and catch some momentum. Over time you will accomplish tackling each area of your home. After all, the less-seen areas deserve to be beautiful too. More importantly, YOU deserve to experience feelings of love when you visit those areas. I certainly enjoy coming home to the fresh flowers on my dining room table, but it also warms my heart when I open the doors to neat and beautiful stacks of items in my closets.

Which parts of your home do you love? Share in the comments below.

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A Chicago native and current Chicago resident, Megan holds a B.A. in psychology from DePaul University and has spent her professional career as a ballet dancer and ballet instructor. With a passion for teaching and organizing, she is thrilled to have found another fulfilling path as a Maeve’s Method coach. In addition to ballet and organizing, Megan enjoys studying improv at the iO Theater, art, travel, writing, and time spent with friends and family (especially her husband Nate and dog Rizby).

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