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Daytime Notebook

Today I’m at Half King in Chelsea just below the High Line. As you can see it’s a gorgeous fall day. Sit down lunches are rare for me but my mind is on overload and I need my Daytime Notebook.

For me, blank paper is like the adult version of a binky. I drain my brain onto the page and feel better. Today all I have on me is an itty-bitty book but it’s doing the trick. I don’t expect you to care about my list but I thought I’d share the scrawl anyway:

  1. Blackberry software
  2. Plumber
  3. Sarah’s visit
  4. Biz card entry

My burger and fries are here and food is my other binky so blogging stops, but the notebook stays because I am most certainly not done.

Maeve Richmond is the founder and head coach of Maeve's Method, a home organization system based in New York City. She specializes in parents & kids, couples, small space solutions, space planning and decorative elements for the home. Contact her at [email protected] or @MaeveRichmond.

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