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Our New Year’s Resolutions

This past week we were featured in a Good Housekeeping article – 10 Smart Resolutions of Pro Organizers. When this first came out, we were so thrilled to be a part of the “smart” organizers.

And then we realized that everyone who read this article now knew exactly what our 2015 goals were. There was a moment of panic. We recognize how unlikely it is that a reader will come up to us and say, “So, have you gone through all your memorabilia yet?” But it’s not unlikely that friends and family will ask those questions, and pester us if we don’t follow through.

And then we realized this is exactly what we needed! What’s a better way to stay on top of our New Year’s resolutions than to share them! So here goes. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress and show you the solutions we’ve found! And if we don’t, you have full permission to nudge us!

Marla's Resolutions

Touch Everything Once

We ask clients to do this during their projects, but it’s been awhile since I’ve actually gone through the motions myself, especially on everything I own. So, this year I’m going to find out exactly what items are in my home. I’ve started working in small chunks, going through categories of items at a time, and building off of each week to bring my home together. Going through every single item in my apartment has already helped so much. I’ve realized that I had too much storage, and was able to consolidate and donate some boxes. My shelves are cleaner and clearer; my home feels lighter, and I haven’t even started on the kitchen!

My scary corner – I have no idea what’s in the suitcase.

Reduce My Paper Clutter

I can’t remember the last time I’ve looked at some of my files. Why I’ve kept my ConEd bills from two apartments ago, I do not know. This year I’m working on finding the right system for my paperwork, from bills to memorabilia. I’ve begun by unsubscribing from catalogues that I’ve never ordered from or flipped through. I’ve also started paying almost all my bills online so I don’t feel compelled to hold on to statements. And since I have my accounts set up online it’s easy to access and print bills when needed. Now that I have reduced my paperwork, I want to develop a system to deal with any other incoming papers and memorabilia.

Embrace Open Space

I have a tendency to want to utilize all my space. This year, as I remove things from my home, I’m working to keep the space I’ve created empty. Open space is what will make my small apartment feel a little bigger. Instead of stacking books or adding a box for storage, I’m going to add a single plant or a clear, clean vase. I’m determined not to fill my shelves to the brim, to get rid of some under-bed storage, and give my things room to breathe.

Maeve's Resolutions

A few fun letters I’d love to return to old friends.

Gift Old Letters to Friends

A few years back I spent time culling through my memorabilia from childhood. In addition to amazing photos, there were dozens of letters from old friends. I realized that many of these letters were more about my friends’ lives than mine, with stories about family trips and boyfriends and life at school. This year I plan to reach out to some of these friends to reconnect, and I’ll ask if they might want their letters returned. Some might love the idea of taking a trip down memory lane. Others may prefer not. Either way, the intention is to reconnect in the moment. Receiving a blast from the past can be invigorating and exciting, so I’m delighted to try!

Blog_Resolutions_MR Rug3

The Lusy Blom IKEA rug it’s time to replace.

Upgrade My Home

I’ve owned my home since I was 24 years old and over the years I’ve adjusted it to match my lifestyle. I’ve upgraded from college crates and futons, to my first bed and couch, then a year ago I invested in new appliances to upgrade my kitchen. Now that I am in my forties, I am looking for the next step. I’m happy with my furniture, so I’m going to make small changes that have big impact, like replacing my living room rug. I excitedly hand-picked what I own from the IKEA catalogue, a bright, floral design full of color and good cheer! But time has taken its toll. It’s now weary and, funnily enough, I’ve come to discover the same rug in several little girls’ bedrooms (including my niece and a client’s daughter!). This made me laugh, I was in good company! But it also made me realize it is time to move on and introduce a more subdued, adult rug into the heart of my home. So I’m on the hunt for something plush and dark grey, a color I find grounding and earthly on wooden floors.

Stay “Digitally” Clean

Anyone over the age of forty knows that when we were kids memorabilia was a treasured letter from a friend, or a few photos of fun times at summer camp. These days letters and photos take on a whole different meaning as we are inundated by emails, text messages and the option of limitless digital photography. Finding the special memory in all this can be tough. This year I am working on deleting non-essential digital correspondence in the moment so that I can recapture the simplicity of what a special memory meant to me when I was a kid. So I delete as many emails and texts as I can once the conversation has run its course. Same for photos too, I’m learning to curate digital images down to a manageable beloved few after each event. I feel better when I keep things simple. Doing so also allows me to be more present to new opportunities, including new people to chat with and meet!

So, tell us – What are some of your resolutions? And how do you keep yourself accountable?

Photo Credits: Euca Liptosnon, Kelby Olson

Marla joined the Maeve’s Method team in 2013 and trained as the first Maeve’s Method coach. She specializes in storage solutions, offices, and kitchens.

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