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The best part of my job... Hugs!

Nicole Gets Results

Nicole Gets Results

Meet Nicole Wells. Visit her professional website and you’ll learn that she turned her greatest fear – public speaking – into her greatest asset: teaching others how to speak with confidence.

Nicole is my public speaking coach. I love her. She is one of the most professional, fun, funny (squash that, hilarious) ladies that I know. Using humor and a steady hand, she helped guide me through a good portion of my own public speaking fears. When she asked me to help her get her home office in order, I jumped at the chance: Nicole gets results.

Nicole and I did a two-part coaching session: two-hours one week, then two hours a few weeks later. The first two-hours we did the Home IQ, found our Anchor Spot (her home office) then worked Maeve’s Method. The second two-hours we dove deep into her home office systems, all in an effort to help her improve her productivity and get better results.

Nicole is married to the lovely Mark. Mark did not participate in these sessions, but was home for a portion our first session, long enough for me to get some feedback on how he likes to live inside his home.

My journey with Nicole was tracked by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, Kelly Guenther (thanks Kelly!). Kelly captured the emotional range of the process, and made Nicole’s clutter… look as pretty as a bride.

Click through our slideshow below ↓ and enjoy Nicole’s journey as she discovers both the joys – and challenges – of bringing order to home using Maeve’s Method.

  • Step 1: Home IQPeering inside the front hall closet.
  • Discussing use of vertical spaceThe apartment has tall ceilings. There's a lot of "up high" space.
  • The Kitchen"It could be neater, but it works."
  • Another ClosetNicole is 5'9". The trend to "stuff high" continues here.
  • The Bedroom"I have an office in the living room. Mark dumps his stuff here."
  • The Living Room"The oversized furniture was Mark's. It's too big for this room."
  • Meeting MarkHer good-natured husband's one request: "A spot to dump my stuff."
  • Looking at her officeNicole runs a Public Speaking Business from home.
  • Arghhh!How Nicole feels about it.
  • Nicole's Current Filing System"It works, but I wish I had one drawer not four."
  • Step 2: The SkillsMaeve teaches Maeve's Method
  • Step 3:  Choosing The Anchor Project"If you could bring immediate relief to one area, what would that be?"
  • Here it comes...
  • Nicole's Choice:Her Home Office
  • Step 4: Nicole In ProcessWe've moved everything from desktop to floor.
  • And begin a Like Things sort:Nicole creates piles in categories according to her.
  • Stumped:I'm known to puzzle clients with tough questions...
  • But I always get answers:"I have this out of sight out of mind thing. I keep everything out."
  • In Process:I've asked Nicole to pick out a few pens. Only what she needs to live on her desk.
  • Changing Habits:Nicole drops things on "top" shelves. We cleared the shelf of clutter and cables...
  • Including dangling cables: This visually opened the space.
  • And anchored the shelf with a picture:Now she looks at Mark. It's a "no-drop" zone.
  • In Process:Finally, setting up systems
  • Nicole's Current System:It's in good shape.
  • Step 5: Next StepsNicole lists 5 achievable follow-throughs and goals.
  • Home At Last:A Home Office to meets Nicole's needs.
  • Nicole:"I'm thrilled!"
  • The best part of my job... Hugs!
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Maeve Richmond

Maeve Richmond is the founder and head coach of Maeve's Method, a home organization system based in New York City. She specializes in parents & kids, couples, small space solutions, space planning and decorative elements for the home. Contact her at or @MaeveRichmond.

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