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Before: Dawn's Cramped Jewelry Shelf.
Dawn_Nadeau_Jewelry_Shelf Before

Before: Dawn's cramped jewelry shelf.

Dawn-Jewelry-In Process

Dawn In Process: sorting costume jewelry and gathering empty boxes.

Searching For A Match.

Searching for a match.

Finding A Hidden Treasure.

Finding a hidden treasure.

Reviewing Each Item.

Reviewing each item.

Creating An Improved Home.

Creating an improved home.

After: Dawn's Streamlined New Jewelry Shelf, Easy To Both See And Use.

After: Dawn's streamlined new jewelry shelf, easy to both see and use.

My mom had a jewelry box when I was a kid that I loved to look in and play with. Maeve helped me to re-create this experience for my daughters.

– Dawn Nadeau

As Featured In

Dawn Nadeau: Part III
Jewelry Joy

Entrepreneur and Mom
3-Bedroom Apartment
Project Package
New York, NY

Before Maeve's Method

As a final treat, Dawn turned to her jewelry collection. Dawn’s fine and costume jewelry lived deep inside her closet. Most of what she owned was uncomfortably out of sight and out of mind. Dawn was eager to reconnect with the precious jewelry that she loved, while letting go of jewelry that no longer served her. She also hoped to create a welcoming space so that her daughters felt free to explore “mom’s jewelry”, just as she got to do as a kid.

After Maeve's Method

Maeve coached Dawn as touched she every jewelry item once. As she worked, Dawn sorted jewelry into like categories according to the themes her life. In the process, Dawn reconnected with her everyday jewelry, her fancy ‘going out’ jewelry, and her memorabilia jewelry, which were removed from dark, enclosed boxes and brought cheerfully front and center. She replaced boxes with an easy-to-see-through lucite box, and lined her drawers with felt, for a delicate touch. Dawn rediscovered the jewelry that she loves, and achieved her goal of creating an easy-to-access jewelry display case so that her daughters could explore.

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