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Rejuvenate Your Closet

Seasons change and so should your wardrobe; and we’ve finally started to see some of those spring changes. Now that the weather has warmed a little and the snow has melted, it’s time to bring out your spring dresses and summer shorts!

While you’re rotating out your winter clothing for your spring clothing, try some of these small projects to refresh your closet for the new season!

Think Ahead

Think ahead to next fall when you’ll be doing the opposite wardrobe rotation, and prepare your winter things before you store them. Empty out all your coat pockets, do a load of wash to remove stains and odors, dry clean your jackets, and fix any buttons or tears before you store your items. Not only will you thank yourself in the fall, but you’ll stress less knowing that there aren’t any to-do projects in storage!


When we help clients set up their closets, we encourage them to organize according to their lives. To do this, go through all of your clothing and sort things into piles according to your lifestyle. You may have a whole pile of hiking clothing, or work suits, or a large pile of jeans. Whatever it is, make sure it’s a category according to you.

As you place things back in your closet, keep these categories intact. Instead of hanging all shirts together or all dresses together, hang categories together. We helped Jasmine to do this; she separated her clothing into work clothes and play clothes, and loved how easy it made her mornings!

Uniform Hangers

If you’re going to invest in one thing for your closet, make it be uniform hangers! Find hangers that fit your style or work for your life. If you suffer from an overly full closet, try wooden hangers to prevent yourself from over-stuffing. Personally, I love the slim velvet hangers with attachable clips for skirts and pants.

Make It Personal

Make your closet a place you enjoy! After you’ve cleaned out the closet, top to bottom, corner to corner, think about personalizing it: add a fresh layer of paint or some contact paper to the shelves. Or, as Maeve does, introduce artwork in the closet. Hang a colorful painting behind your clothing, a photo that makes you smile on the wall, something inspiring on the door, or put a doormat on the floor of your closet!

And, consider placing items in your closet with care. We stick by storing items according to category, but within that category, sort your hanging items by color or length.

What do you do to refresh your closet for the spring? Share in the comments below!

Photo Credits: Maeve Richmond, Jeff Sheldon

Marla joined the Maeve’s Method team in 2013 and trained as the first Maeve’s Method coach. She specializes in storage solutions, offices, and kitchens.

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