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Smarter Decor for Your Fourth of July Celebration

When I was a kid, we had multiple cabinets filled to the brim with decorations for any occasion you could imagine. If it was your birthday, did you want balloon themed plates? Or animals in birthday hats? Simple “Happy Birthday” script in black and white?

Unfortunately, I’ve realized, not all of us have the space or resources to be perpetually prepared for every celebration. Decorations can add up, especially when most are disposable, and are a hassle to store until the next year. So, this Fourth of July, celebrate a little smarter. Here are a few of my tips to decorating for your Fourth of July party without accumulating more stuff to store!

Decor You Can Continue to Enjoy

Pick up decor you can continue to enjoy after the Fourth has come and gone. Instead of American flags, star cut outs, and other Fourth-specific decorations, opt for some red flowers or perhaps some irises. Or, choose some candles with scents you love; they can be in a color of the holiday, or a neutral. You might even have some tea candles on hand – check your drawers! You’ll be able to enjoy your flowers and candles for the next week or more, and none of it will look like leftover Fourth of July decorations. And, if you’re hosting a BBQ – pick up some white twinkle lights. You’ll be able to use these at all your summer parties!

Pick a Color

It’s inevitable that you’ll need to pick up some things for your event, like plates, cups, and napkins. Try not to be tempted by the flag and eagle patterns. These are all fun and good, but if you’ve got limited space, storing extras until next year might not be quite so fun. Instead, choose a single themed color or a neutral, and get all your paper goods in these colors. When you take them out at the next shindig, they won’t be screaming Independence Day!

Edible Decor

Maeve’s colorful addition to a festive tray!

Need to be super thrifty? Get creative and decorate with your food! You’re going to have food anyways, so might as well make it do double duty. Have a themed cocktail, or garnish with something colorful; make your cookies star-shaped; decorate your cupcakes with stars! Your setup will look so festive and best of all you won’t have anything to store (except leftovers, but those are always welcome!).

What are your thrifty and space-saving decorating tricks? Share in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Maeve Richmond

Marla joined the Maeve’s Method team in 2013 and trained as the first Maeve’s Method coach. She specializes in storage solutions, offices, and kitchens.

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