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Maeve Richmond is a dynamic speaker who loves to engage her audience. Her background as a performing jazz musician and a 20 year interest in the healing arts allows her to infuse her talks with humor, insight, mindfulness, as well as anecdotes from her fifteen years as a organization coach in New York City and around the country.

If you’d like to request Maeve as speaker or workshop presenter at your next event, kindly submit the below form. You may also call us at (855) 466-2383.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Aging & Estates

  • Downsizing Mom and Dad
  • Handling Emotions After a Loved One Passes
  • Aging and Clutter: How to Make Space to Age with Grace

For Parents & Kids

  • The ABCs of an Organized Child
  • Raising City Kids in Small Spaces
  • Getting Kids Organized for School

Lifestyle Shifts

  • The Wedding Merge
  • Moving Made Easy
  • Getting Ready for Baby


I loved your workshop! I’ve been struggling with my bag for so long. I love how you broke down all the steps, I’ve never deconstructed anything I own quite that way. It made me want to go home and apply the same technique to my dresser drawers, which I’m going to do this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration and insight. – Heather M, New York, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed the May workshop, and thanks to that jumpstart, have been tackling various areas of my house this summer. I feel so much better about the space my family lives in–It has been great! Thank you so much! – Lizzy L, Manchester, VT

Hi Maeve, I thought your workshop was great. I wanted you to know that the questionnaire that you had us fill out, was incredibly helpful to me. It suddenly solidified what I have been trying to understand about my home for a long time. I thank you so much for your patience and help – Max K, New York, NY

Your organization workshop last night was so much fun. The idea of tackling clutter gives me a panic attack. But you make it seem so human and easy, I felt better the instant your class began. The skills you teach are amazing, thank you so much for the kickstart and inspiration! – Meghan W, New York, NY

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