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The Adverse Effects of Clutter

Clutter is like opinions, everyone has some! Having a bit of clutter in your home is commonplace and nothing to be ashamed of. But, there are some ill side effects clutter can have on your emotional well-being, health, relationships and…

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Ask Maeve: My home office has taken over my bedroom

The following 'Ask Maeve' was featured as part of the Good Housekeeping Spring Cleaning Challenge. Hometalk bloggers from across the country used Maeve's Method to tackle their most challenging trouble spots at home, with 'before' and 'after' results featured in this awesome 11 Unbelievable…

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Nicole Gets Results

Meet Nicole Wells. Visit her professional website and you'll learn that she turned her greatest fear - public speaking - into her greatest asset: teaching others how to speak with confidence. Nicole is my public speaking coach. I love her. She is…

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