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How To Release and Let Go

Years ago when I first began a spiritual practice I often used the mantra, "release and let go." I'd say it over and over in my mind to help me let a sneaky lingering thought go. To release is to…

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4 Ways to Green Organize

Happy Earth Day! Today is all about our environment and making it a better, cleaner, and healthier place. And, what better place to start than right in your own home? On Earth day, we're reminded to keep things simple as we live and organize…

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4 Projects to Spring Forward

Daylight savings time begins this Sunday, which hopefully means that spring is on the way! But while daylight savings time means that we’ll have longer days and more light, it also means that we’ll start getting antsy for spring to…

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Stand By Your Style

Our homes are an important and influential piece of our lives. How you feel when you walk in your door, when you wake up, or while hosting parties, affects every part of your day. So often we get stuck in the mentality that…

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Oh Canada!

You know it... that feeling that comes the second a vacation begins. Sometimes kicking in as soon as your first step out the door, suitcase in hand. I find this feeling humbling. Work and life obligations distance in a second…

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Quick Tips: Reduce Holiday Stress

With a little effort you can breeze through holiday stress triggers: Foods To Avoid: Many of us have foods we know we can't eat (wheat, sugar, dairy, caffeine, soy). They trigger energy spikes, induce cravings and affect our mood. So…

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Take Time for You

Wish List: Think about what will make your home more livable: Perhaps fresh paint or reduced clutter. Write it down. Goal Plan: List practical things you can do each week to keep your house in order: sort photos, toss voluminous…

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