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Nicole Gets Results

Meet Nicole Wells. Visit her professional website and you'll learn that she turned her greatest fear - public speaking - into her greatest asset: teaching others how to speak with confidence. Nicole is my public speaking coach. I love her. She is…

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Kathryn’s Home Office

Meet Kathryn Mayer, CEO of executive coaching firm KC Mayer Consulting, Inc. I first met Kathryn Mayer in 2007, a few months before she and her husband made a lifestyle shift, from a dark, pre-war one-bedroom on Manhattan's Upper West Side…

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I Refuse to Participate in a Recession

There's a groundswell in the NYC business community. Entrepreneurs, like myself, are using the economic downturn to our advantage by leveraging Social Networking. There are events going on all over the city (BNI, The Real Deal, Ladies Who Launch) that…

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Kristin’s New Systems

My friend Kristin Duarte called last week and said, "I'm sort of organized but if I have to sit here and look at things they way they are, it will drive me crazy." Sort of organized? Kristin is one of…

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Quick Tips: Mail Phobia

Avoid scary piles by reducing the volume of your incoming mail. Take control of your burgeoning, bulging inbox with these simple tools: Eliminate Junk Mail: Let your garbage can be your friend. Toss junk mail as it comes in -…

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