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Maeve Richmond
Founder & Maeve’s Method Coach

A graduate of Brown University, Maeve spent a decade dabbling with careers, from event production to creative writing, until she landed on her lifetime passion: creating happy people inside happy homes. Maeve credits family, friends and New York City for helping her to see the beauty in all objects – both saved and let go. She also credits time as a student teacher at The Children’s School in Stamford, CT for graciously demonstrating the powerful relationship between environment, language and positive learning – for kids and adults alike. Maeve is an accomplished jazz musician and energy healer and loves to box, take ballet and make pretty things for family and friends.

Maeve is the founder and head coach of Maeve’s Method. She’s been coaching with Maeve’s Method for fifteen years. She specializes in couples, parents & kids, space planning, and family systems and communication.

Phone: (855) 466-2383 x101

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