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I hired Maeve to help me transform The Wilburton Inn in Manchester, Vermont. She is an amazing personal organizer for families, offices, apartments and even country inns. I highly recommend her if anyone is feeling overwhelmed by clutter. Maeve helped us transform our family Inn in a whirlwind 4 day session. Without buying a single item we brought style and tranquility to 35 bedrooms and common rooms in five different homes. Together we rolled up our sleeves and had a wonderful time creating beauty and taming clutter. Hiring Maeve is the best Spring Cleaning you can ever do.

Before working with Maeve, I had resigned to living with a hurricane-of-a-closet, which brought emotions of frustration, annoyance, and overwhelm. After working with Maeve, not only do I have a closet that is organized, attractive, and understandable, I also have an entirely new experience in my mornings of ease, pride, and inspiration. Working with Maeve also inspired me to tackle other areas of my home. Basically one session with Maeve transformed my apartment and as a result, my everyday life.

Maeve’s Method gave my family’s storage room structure. Everything in our shared storage room is now reachable, and we can more easily keep up with daily systems.

One of the single greatest changes in my life came from cleaning out the closet right inside my entry way and creating a “drop zone”. The 4 bags and totes that I toggle between on any given week are right there, lined up, and I have this amazing drawer that is my “go” drawer. I pick and pack and drop almost daily. This was life changing, and freed up my home office from being a war zone of hand bags and travel-size toiletries. Thanks Maeve’s Method!

Sometimes the message about how to keep things organized and tidy comes best from someone not the Mom! With Maeve, she does so much more. She has a really well structured approach with some good decision-making techniques and at the same time really makes it fun! We were really happy with our results and can apply her approach to other areas in need of organizing.

Maeve’s Method helped me to find the areas of my home and office life that needed redefining.

Maeve’s Method helped my family find our Home at Last. I learned with my husband and kids.

I recently moved and used Maeve’s skills to set up my new closet. For the first time I felt highly organized. It was great!

Maeve and her method rock. It was easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to work into my life. Even when occasional ‘clutter creep’ makes its way into my living and work space, I can just take a deep breath and control the clutter before the clutter starts to control me!

Maeve helped me to maximize space in a small home.

Maeve and her Method are awesome. I learned amazing skills and gained confidence at home.

Maeve’s Method helped my company get its IT department under control saving us both time and money.

Maeve’s Method helped me to create an amazing home office. The systems we built make running my own business so easy.

Maeve’s Method is flexible. I can use it in my kitchen, my living room and to run my household. I’m amazing how one Method can be used all over my home.

Maeve taught me her Method and then I used it to organize my friend’s room. His mom was so happy!

Working with Maeve took the stress out of going through my stuff. I’m so happy I hired her to help me get my house in order.

Maeve and her Method helped boost my family business to the next level.

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