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Easiest Kids Party Ever

Yesterday I did what every single, 35-year old New York City girl should do on a Sunday afternoon: I rocked out to a concert for tots.

The 1-7 year olds dancing in the aisles at the Daryl Roth Theater where no match for my audience-participation maracas, but they expended more energy which made me think, what’s the easiest way for a busy NYC parent to throw a spectacular and unique kids birthday party?

Bring in Moey and her fabulous Moey’s Music Party.

Programming a child’s birthday party can be stressful, so leave the heavy lifting to a pro. One phone call is all it takes to book Moey who will arrive at your home or venue with costumes, pom-poms, toys and the catchiest repertoire of new and classic songs seen north, east, west of south of Central Park. Moey will even custom write a song for your child (check out the above authorized bootleg of ‘The Birthday Party Song’).

Moey original sing-a-longs like “I Gotta Go Potty” and “I’m a New York City Kid” will leave your children and their friends bopping and rockin’ to a new set of tunes. And her production value is so top notch it inspires fresh ideas on dress up for girls and boys alike.

Moey is a pro. Watch her real videos at For bookings contact Moey at 917-680-6739 or [email protected]

Two sippy cup lids up to magical Moey (a.k.a. award-winning Off-Broadway songwriter Melissa Levis) for turning NYC kids entertainment on its head!

 Moey (c), Maeve (r), and one very sweet kid.

Maeve Richmond is the founder and head coach of Maeve's Method, a home organization system based in New York City. She specializes in parents & kids, couples, small space solutions, space planning and decorative elements for the home. Contact her at [email protected] or @MaeveRichmond.

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  1. Will Moey be performing again? I’m so sad my kids missed this. Jane (Upper West Side)

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