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Updating Your Wardrobe for Fall

Fall is here. It feels like more of a new year to me than actual New Years. I love the idea of freshening up my wardrobe at this time more than ever. Perhaps you have the urge to make a few changes to your closet as the season changes and school starts up again. Not sure where to begin? Here are some tips on how I go about updating my wardrobe for fall. See if they work for you.


If you haven’t already hosted a stoop sale, now is the time to gather the belongings you no longer want to live with. Assess the items in your closet as you remove them one by one to determine your current relationship with each. You will begin to create categories. For example, you may end up with items to keep, things you no longer wear, items that need repair, and some that need to be replaced. At Maeve’s Method, we call this creating ‘categories according to you’. Once you have removed all of the items and determined which category to place them in, go ahead and return the items you want to keep in an order that works for you. In my closet, I separate clothes that require hangers (matching hangers a plus) into the following categories; summer dresses, winter dresses, cocktail dresses, sweaters, blouses, and skirts. I usually keep newer items hanging separately at first so I don’t forget to wear them. My pants and shorts stay folded in stacks on a shelf. Other folded items, such as tank tops, t-shirts, and various workout clothes, remain in a drawer along with my undergarments.


As you place everything back in an order that makes sense to you, consider these space saving tips. Next, make a to do list for the rest. For example, “drop off at cleaners, bring to a donation facility, return to Susie, sew on new button”. At Maeve’s Method we call this ‘next steps’. Do what you can immediately, and allow the rest to be completed within a week’s time. Set a reminder in your phone a day before the week is up. Once you have freed up some space in your home, be careful not to quickly fill it up again. You now have a better sense of the inventory in your home. This will make it easier to say no to a purchase unless you know you are in need of it.

Do you have any rituals you look forward to in preparation for fall? Please share in the comments below.

A Chicago native and current Chicago resident, Megan holds a B.A. in psychology from DePaul University and has spent her professional career as a ballet dancer and ballet instructor. With a passion for teaching and organizing, she is thrilled to have found another fulfilling path as a Maeve’s Method coach. In addition to ballet and organizing, Megan enjoys studying improv at the iO Theater, art, travel, writing, and time spent with friends and family (especially her husband Nate and dog Rizby).

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